Tuesday, March 16, 2010

 U16's Match Up Evenly

The U16s faced FC Milwaukee last Saturday, March 13th and man it was cold! The first half was dominated by the Wizards and we were able to create quite a few opportunities. Our goal came in the 42nd when we were able to string together 8+ passes; the whole team was almost involved. To name a few the final four passes consisted off Schrick to Knoll to Pulliam and Rideout finished into the back of the next. Head Coach Jon Parry was very pleased with this goal "We have been working on functional training and possession once a week, so it was good to see it pay off." The team held off Milwaukee for most of the second half. They were able to capitalize on a mistake that happen in our defensive third and they scored in the 82nd minute. Parry emphasized to the team that they need to put together a complete game next time.

On Sunday morning they played Sockers FC out of Chicago. The game was one of the best games the U16's played start to finish. They were able to keep possession and around the 20min Rideout received a ball in the air, took it off his chest and 1/2 volleyed it into the back of the net. The goal was a different level! Not even 10mins later they scored off a rebound and tied the score 1-1. The second half was a lot of back and forth where we had opportunities but couldn't finish. Coach Parry was very complimentary to the Sockers and said "It was very enjoyable playing another team that 'gets after it' for 90mins". He believed the score 1-1 was a very fair result.

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