Wednesday, July 28, 2010

 Our Schedule...

The fields have been sloppy (see exhibit A above) with sitting water and a lot of mud and more mosquitoes than I have ever seen in my life.

So I have been asked what the heck we actually do all day. With our games being at 8pm each evening it leaves a lot of free time. We are staying in the hotel with 14 other MLS teams as Houston is not staying in a hotel and Galaxy is staying some where else. So it is an overload of players especially with a lot of meals being here.

We usually have breakfast around 9:30am and then head for a jog/stretch or a pool workout around 11:30am. Lunch is late, 3pm, since our game is so late,we eat later.(not ideal but has worked out) During down time the boys will play video games, watch movies, or we will get really wild and crazy and go to the grocery store. The drive to the fields has been about 1hr with traffic so we head out about 6pm for an 8pm kick-off and then return for dinner around 10:45pm. Then it is wind-down time and ice-bath time. Today we are headed to the MLS All-STAR game which should be pretty exciting. Kick off-7:50pm.

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