Wednesday, September 1, 2010

 Questions answered about Kempin

As you all know by now we have signed our first
Home Grown player, Jon Kempin. I have been
asked quite a few questions over the last 24hrs,
so hopefully this will help:

  • Jon is considered both a Home Grown player and a Generation adidas player
  • Jon will finish/graduate from High school in Dec. 2010
  • He did his medical physical today
  • He will start training immediately and then will attend HS from 1pm-3pm, Monday through Friday
  • He is also taking taking two classes online towards HS graduation
  • He will still play/be eligible for the U18 Development Academy-VERY IMPORTANT
  • He will be allowed to attend all high school events such as homecoming and anything else that may come up
  • He will attend pre season with the Senior Team in 2011
  • He is interested in taking college classes in 2011 at an area college depending on his schedule...but education is very important to he and his family
Any other questions...just let us know.

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