Thursday, April 28, 2011

 Twitter Craze

If you haven't heard about the twitter competition between Sporting Kansas City's Teal Bunbury and New York's Juan Agudelo, it's time you got in the loop. The player with the least Twitter followers by Saturday's game, has to wear the winner's jersey for an entire day while tweeting photos of himself in it.

Make sure to follow @TealBunB to help the cause.

While the Juniors aren't having Twitter battles with their opponents, there are still quite a few players with accounts. You can find them listed below.

DeBray Hollimon - @nameDH19
Garrett Pulliam - @GPulliam5
Jacole Turner - @makeitniceking
Jon Kempin - @JonKempin21
Jordan Rideout - @_J_R_9
Konner Knoll - @K_Knoll_SKC
Nate Opperman - @ntopperman

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