Friday, July 1, 2011

 Get to know...Sporting Juniors

By: Betsy Pollard

Another season of youth soccer has wrapped up in The Sporting Juniors world.  We ended with two teams in Wisconsin competing in Regionals and two team in Texas competing in Playoffs and the Showcase. I traveled with the U18s and U16s to Frisco, TX for the Academy Playoffs and Showcase.

A lot of what we post is results but I would like to give you a small glimpse on items you may or may not know about Academy trip and interesting facts about our youth players.  In other words this post may bore you to death or you may find it interesting.

The last hotel we stayed at was Aloft (shown on right) and it was a favorite amongst the players
We always rent four 15-passenger vans once we land in our destination. Coach Rideout and Pardo usually drive the U18s, and Coach Parry and I drive the U16s
Auxiliary cords are a MUST…thats the cord that goes from the van’s stereo to your iPod.
Fruit chews are like GOLD, they are probably the most popular snack I purchase. A close second is the small Tangerines, sometimes referred to as “cuties.”  The snacks are usually in my room and the boys come and get snacks, water and Gatorade as they please.
8-10 cases of both Gatorade and water is a must
The best way to pass time is playing Fifa on Xbox or renting Redbox movies
I always learn a few new hip words on each trip or ways to use normal words in a hip way…a few this time was “fire” (see example below) and “shredding”
For example, in the last U18s match Sporting Juniors “shredded” Chicago Magic or today the Juniors were just “shredding”!

Things you didn’t or maybe you did know about the U18s
Tommy Adams is the supplier of the Xbox and eats a lot of meatballs whenever we get them for dinner
Konner takes a lot of pride in keeping our bench cleaned when he is injured and unable to play
Ray Lee never is referred to as just Ray…his full name is used almost always.  He usually has his clippers with him…in case you need a quick trim
If we ever have a meal at Chipotle; Nick Row is the first to ask “can we get sour cream”?
AB (Andrew Brown) is the most relaxed person/player I have ever been around -- very easy going except when Will is beating him in the “Sock Em” boxing game in the hotel lobby
Kempin is a Pro… (maybe you already knew that)
Marques (Mayoras) loves techno music and he just recently attend an eight hour rave
Paul Oliver is one of the happiest people I have ever met who loves to eat tangerines
“G” (Garret) loves shoes and probably has more shoes then most females which would include 15+ pairs of cleats alone
Jordy hates bug as much as I do…especially June Bugs
Kiwi (Andrew Mobberely) can break dance with his fingers (more on that later)
Roms (Romeo Munoz) speaks Spanish on the field to Kiwi as Kiwi is from NZ but also speaks fluent Spanish
Will (Witherspoon) loves heavy metal music.  He also isn’t afraid to throw out a free style rap line here and there

Things you didn’t or maybe you did know about the U16s
Luke (Blackwell) is going to grow his hair out but not as long as it was (see photo) and he really wants to go to college on the East Coast
DeJulio is the only player who started in all the games he played in.  He is also the captain of the team
Daniel (Hare) made a big purchase of real Ray-Ban sunglasses this past weekend
Hill (Ryan) has decided that he wants to be a Marine -- he is only going to be a junior in HS
Leichty’s freekick was so “fire” against IMG.  This is the second time he has hit a “fire” freekick like that.
Seo has the softest skin ever...I’m talking softer than a new born.  It is incredible
Nate (Opperman) has a corky sense of humor and is so dang fast
Jules (Ramirez) is a man of few words but likes apples just as much as I do
Schrick is my co-pilot he always sits shotgun in my van and controls the Garmin
Luke (Stanley) is a talented snow skier and like to wear dress socks under his shinguards and game socks
Clay (Stewart) is the president of the make-believe gang called Swope Park Rangers (we get bored in airports…so funny things getting my eyebrows stringed)
Tuso really wants to get his ear’s pierced
Evan (Wright) thinks his GK Uniform of white jersey, white shorts and white socks makes him look like a cow
Jacole can eat more than anyone I have ever seen…on the last day we went to In & Out and he had a 4x4; which is 4 beef patties and 4 pieces of cheese.
Wes (White) has the best fo-hawk and plays better when his hair is done correctly
Zembas just got a 35 out of 36 on his ACT (crazy smart)

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