Wednesday, November 16, 2011

 Juniors Pay Visit to LIVESTRONG Headquarters

Sporting Kansas City's two Development Academy teams played their first games of the 2011 season on the road last weekend but came back to KC with more than just one win a piece. The Juniors had the opportunity to take a tour of LIVESTRONG Headquarters located in Austin, Texas and as you could imagine, LIVESTRONG HQ is packed with inspirational stories and keepsakes.

Upon entering the building, the Juniors noticed that all of the rooms featured see through walls to indicate that the organization is transparent in efforts to create trust, participation, and informed decision making.

The next notable display was a yellow motorcycle, which was made for Lance by the American Chopper guys, and revealed on The Tonight Show. The idea was to generate exposure for the LIVESTRONG Foundation and that is exactly what it did. Lance then auctioned the bike to raise money for his cause and the highest bidder donated their new prize back to the foundation, which is now on display at the LIVESTRONG Headquarters. The U16 Sporting Kansas City Juniors pose with the Orange County Choppers contribution in the fight against Cancer.

The headquarters of course placed emphasis on the number seven to symbolize Lance Armstrong's status as 7-time Tour de France winner by the seven core values they created to represent their foundation.

The VALUES include:
1) We can Change the way the world fights cancer.
2) We do this by serving you.
3) We know we cant do it alone.
4) We call for action in a global community.
5) We voraciously pursue excellence.
6) We dare to hope and act on it.
7) We honor the fight – your fight.

Another reference to the number seven includes a piece of art that connects seven fully functioning bicycles together with just a few screws. Theoretically the bicycles could be taken apart and available for use. However, when connected serves as the centerpiece of the office and represents different stages of Armstrong's life. Each bicycle has four symbols. The symbols create a story line. A few examples include a skull to represent chemicals and the diagnosis of cancer and a cross to represent the many hours spent at the hospital. Lungs to stand for the good health and endurance Lance needs for competition.

Other notable items around the office include a display of the seven jerseys worn during Armstrong's seven tour victories, a paddle board which reads "damthatcancer" donated from a race, hammocks, a yoga room, an entire office for the 35 interns they have each semester, and of course Mike Savage's painting of LIVESTRONG Sporting Park beautifully hanging from the cubicle of a staff member. To conclude, the boys had the opportunity to meet Doug Ulman, President and CEO of The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG).

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