Wednesday, June 2, 2010

 Summer Showcase-Sarasota FL

Last weekend, which was Memorial Day weekend, our U18s and U16s head to FL for their second showcase of the season. The games we play at the showcases count to our overall total, but they are all out of conference matches. Overall both teams "showed" quite well. The heat and humidity was unbelievable the entire time which made the last matches on Tuesday June 1st the toughest.

After a tough evening of travel on Friday, May 28th (arriving at the hotel at 12am) they had to wake up for games that started at 9am (U18s) and 11am (U16s) against Oakwood SC out of Conn. The U18s wons 2-1 and the U16s followed up by winning 3-0.

Saturday evening, after the matches and after the temp went down, they headed to beach for a quick swim and cool down. That evening was the start of various meeting that also took place at the Showcase. We learned that two new teams from Minnesota would be in our conference next year, that Chicago Teams would be leaving our conference and that next years Spring Showcase will be in Dallas among other rule changes and updates.

Sunday was a day off for our team except for a quick trip to the field for Nike SPARQ testing. Which was only an hour, but is was at 8:30am. The boys tested well and had the rest of the day to rest, hydrate and play video games.

On Monday, May 31st we played California Development academy at 1pm (U18s) and 3pm (U16s)...pretty much the hottest part of the day. The team again preformed well and the U18s came away with a victory 1-0 and the U16s tied 0-0. That evening we stayed close to the hotel and had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, then head to bed early since there was early morning games.

On Tuesday both teams played at 9am against Baltimore Bays Chelsea and exhaustion really set in during the match. The U16s and the u18s both lost 1-3 and Baltimore had the day off before and was looking quite fresh (Lucky then)...buts lets not make excuses.

The U18s season is now over and the new season with new players will really get going after HS soccer is over. The U16s still have a small chance to make the tournament finals which would take place June 22- 26th in Greensboro NC. After this weekend we should know who is in and who is out.

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