Wednesday, June 30, 2010

 U19 KCW Juniors fall to Columbus Crew Juniors

It might have been a preview of a future MLS match-up in the Under-19 Boys final between Kansas City Wizards and Crew Juniors (OH-S). Eric Erb scored off a corner to give Crew the 1-0 lead in the 19th minute and that lead would hold through the first and most of the second half. Crew teammate, Joseph Haught added a second in the 70th minute. Down 2-0 with time running out Alex Sweetin was a magician in the remaining minutes with goals in the 81st, off a corner, and in extra time, with a PK, to tie the score for the Wizards at 2-2. In overtime, the Crew, with eight Youth National Team players, made the most of their opportunities and added two goals to the Wizards one, in the 4-3 Crew win. Crew moves on to play for the storied James P. McGuire Cup, awarded to the Under-19 Boys US Youth Soccer National Champion. 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the McGuire Cup.

Under-19 Boys
Kansas City Wizards (KS) 3, Crew Juniors (OH-S) 4
CJ - Eric Erb (19:00) | CJ - Joseph Haught (70:00) | CJ - John Wargo (95:00) | CJ - Ryan Lee (107:00) | WIZ - Alex Sweetin (81:00) | WIZ - Alex Sweetin (90:00) | WIZ - Nicholas Aguilar (110:00)

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szazzy said...

The USSFDA was started mainly so we could change the focus from team results at this age towards producing individuals with enough technical and tactical skill to contribute professionally. Less games, more training right?

I'd like to see this blog embrace that ideal as it's starting point. Give us perspectives and information that reflect that mission and focus less on wins/losses. Set the tone for how this academy wants to be viewed.

What are the Wizards Juniors doing on a day to day basis that will hopefully take our players to the next level? What are the plans to grow and evolve for the future? How are the Juniors integrated with the senior team? I'd love to hear from the coaches on what they're focusing on.

Obviously things like the Nationals are important, but it's not as important as the overall goal of the Juniors or the USSFDA.